1. Used as bare overhead conductor for primary and secondary distribution. All Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR) consists of single or stranded solid steel central core enclosed by strands of 1350-H19 99.5%+ aluminum
  2. they are the most economical solution for overhead power transmission and distribution projects benefit from features below.

Product Features

  • Very efficient conductivity and high tensile strength
  • Suitable for overhead ground wires, river crossings as well as extra long span installations
  • Excellent weather-resistance property.
  • Dependable and stable performance up to 40 years.

Multiple ACSR production lines which make us capable of supplying you full size and designs of ACSR conductor lines for your overhead power transmission project.


  • 1 up to 4 Layers Aluminum wires stranded, 6 to 84 Aluminum wires
  • 1 up to 3 Layers Steel Wires as Core, 1 to 19 Steel Wires
  • Al/St 6/1, 7/1, 8/1, 12/7, 16/19, 18/1, 24/7, 26/7, 30/7, 30/19, 36/1, 54/7, 54/19, 72/7, 76/19, 84/19
  • Coating of zinc, Zn-5A1-MM, high-strength, Extra and Ultra available
  • Can-do both left-hand lay and right-hand lay


  • RMJT ACSR Conductor can meet and exceed specifications of ASTM B230, B232, B498, and B500 standard.
  • These ACSR conductors are made available in broad range of steels varying from as low as 6% to as high as 40 %.
  • Grease or other special treatment available as you required.
  • Bluejay, curlew, hawk, osprey, partridge, penguin, rail, raven, drake, cardinal, lapwing, tern, grosbeak are the most popular grades and code names within ASTM B232 asked by our customers.


  1. As a top rank ACSR conductor manufacturer, we follow strict international standard production processes and have been verified by Bureau Veritas, we also pasted series of inspections including CCC, ISO, OHSAS, and most of certificates within cable industry has been acquired.
  2. ACSR conductor manufacture flow consists of more than 30 processes, and every main process has a QC check, you are guaranteed with best quality.
  3. Any third-party inspection agent is welcomed, and will receive cooperation till the end.


  • Finished ASCR conductor wire rolled surrounded Wooden drum compactly for the convenience of your installation.
  • Sealed with slabs and reinforced with steel strip for additional strength, solid enough for overseas transportation.
  • Drums within shipping container are fixed with wooden or steel frames.
  • Drums can be steel made and size can vary with your needs.


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