• All Aluminum Conductor (AAC) is made by several hairs of refined tough drawn 1350-H19 aluminum wires, commonly utilized in low, medium and high voltage or additional high voltage (EHA) overhead lines transmission application as main and secondary conductor.
  • It is likewise popular for seaside areas in addition to Railway and Metro power supply lines. AAC conductors are used as a part of line styles that do not need the strength of ACSR type conductors, however need more for existing transmission efficiency.

Product Features

  • Good rate and the most affordable bare overhead conductor.
  • High Current Carrying Capacity( ampacity), 61.2% ICAS a minimum of.
  • Confirmed outstanding disintegration resistance versus rough environment.
  • Light in weight where long period or crossing can be done.

We are extremely knowledgeable producer and provider of All Aluminum Conductor, considering that 2007 and nearly 10 years, a lot of our customers originates from Southeast Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. We acquire our credits not just from competitive cost however likewise from trusted quality assurance.

Happily be validated by BureauVeritas, ISO, CCC, OHSAS and so on


  • 1 as much as 6 Layers difficult drawn Aluminum wires stranded.
    Aluminum Strands: 7, 19, 37, 61, 91
  • Core wires or Central wires are helically surrounded by external layer wires, the ordinary instructions is reversed compared to succeeding layers.
  • Class AA, A, B, C with various versatilities can be complete filled as your needed.


  • AAC Conductor follows Standard IEC 61809 or with much better specifications.
  • Rare or unique requirements likewise offered by your referred file or by your simple.
  • Grease or other unique surface readily available as you needed.

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