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April 08, 2021 Posted by admin Category Industry

Dear Customers:


Mr.Michael Lv, an employee of the our company, has resigned on January 26, 2021. Our company solemnly declares that since the...

Germany develops lightweight structure of aluminum foam

July 09, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

Current trends, such as increased use of electric vehicles or more flexible and resource efficient production methods in the metalworking industry, present new challenges to lightweight construction. In addition to design-based solutions, new material concepts must also contribute to meeting...

Boating industry states it will certainly take a hit from tolls

July 08, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

After a blockbuster year, trade battle might place the brakes on U.S. boating sector.

U.S. boat sales went to record levels in 2014, however watercraft suppliers struck a speed bump this month when new U.S. profession tariffs went into impact for aluminum as well as steel imports.


Increase in output of Bauxite Hills in Metro Mining

July 05, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

According to news on July 3, Australian mining alumina producer Metro Mining said on Tuesday that the company's Bauxite Hills bauxite in Queensland increased its output in May from 5,194 wet tons per day. Increased to 8,167 wet tons per day, also higher than February's 2,768 wet tons per day.The...

Increase in tariffs on steel and aluminum and automobiles may be unconstitutional

July 05, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

According to Autonews, due to President Trump’s 25% tariff on imported steel and aluminum and a 20% tax on imported cars, last week, worldsteel filed a lawsuit in the New York International Trade Court to question whether it was unconstitutional. .

For President Trump’s 25...

Brazil and the United States negotiate on import tariffs on steel and aluminum

June 29, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

Brazilian President Temer revealed on Tuesday that he had consulted with visiting US Vice President Penns in Brasilia on tariff exemptions for steel and aluminum imports.

On March 23, the Trump administration announced a tariff of 25% and 10% on steel and aluminum from major importing...

Indonesian Pelita will export bauxite

June 28, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

PT. Pelita Trans Jaya, a major bauxite producer in Batam, Indonesia, plans to export bauxite to China, a source said.The source said that they had an export quota of 1.5 million tons of bauxite at the beginning of this year and then started production. “We produce aluminum oxide 46% min silica...

US sanctions against Rusal's bauxite exports in Guyana decline

May 28, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

Guyana is one of the world's leading producers of bauxite and has delivered approximately 1.45 million tons of bauxite to the global market in 2017. In 2017, bauxite shipments in the country increased by 36% year-on-year. The main export products of Guyana are sugar, gold, bauxite, aluminum,...

UAE Global Aluminum has completed more than half of its projects in Guinea

May 13, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

The United Arab Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) is a metal company in the Middle East. On Wednesday, the company has completed 50% of the construction of bauxite and its related export facilities in Guinea.In 2013, UAE Global Aluminum completed the acquisition of this African mine. It is expected...

Canadian Government Supports Wataynikaneyap High Voltage Transmission Project

March 25, 2018 Posted by Nick Category Industry

The project aims to connect 17 indigenous communities in northwestern Ontario to the Ontario grid, which is owned by 51% of the 22 Aboriginal communities, while Fortis Fortis owns the remaining 49%.

Scott Hawkes, president and CEO of Fortis, said: "Today's announcement is by far the...