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Thickness Tolerances for Cold Rolled Sheet, Coil, Strip and Disc


Specified ThicknessSpecified Width
0.2~0.4mm+/- 0.04mm+/- 0.03mm+/- 0.03mm-
>0.4~0.6mm+/- 0.03mm+/- 0.04mm+/- 0.04mm+/- 0.04mm
>0.6~0.8mm+/- 0.03mm+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.07mm
>0.8~1.0mm+/- 0.04mm+/- 0.06mm+/- 0.07mm+/- 0.08mm
>1.0~1.2mm+/- 0.04mm+/- 0.07mm+/- 0.07mm+/- 0.09mm
>1.2~1.5mm+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.08mm+/- 0.08mm+/- 0.11mm
>1.5~2.0mm+/- 0.06mm+/- 0.09mm+/- 0.09mm+/- 0.12mm
>2.0~3.0mm+/- 0.07mm+/- 0.09mm+/- 0.09mm+/- 0.15mm
>3.0~4.0mm+/- 0.10mm+/- 0.15mm+/- 0.16mm+/- 0.18mm
>4.0~6.0mm+/- 0.18mm+/- 0.22mm+/- 0.22mm+/- 0.25mm
>6.0~8.0mm+/- 0.24mm+/- 0.28mm+/- 0.28mm+/- 0.30mm




Thickness Tolerances for Hot Rolled Plate


Specified ThicknessSpecified Width
6.0~8.0mm+/- 0.35mm+/- 0.40mm+/- 0.40mm
>8.0~10.0mm+/- 0.45mm+/- 0.50mm+/- 0.50mm
>10.0~15.0mm+/- 0.50mm+/- 0.60mm+/- 0.65mm
>15.0~20.0mm+/- 0.60mm+/- 0.70mm+/- 0.75mm
>20.0~30.0mm+/- 0.65mm+/- 0.75mm+/- 0.85mm
>30.0~40.0mm+/- 0.75mm+/- 0.85mm+/- 1.00mm
>40.0~50.0mm+/- 0.90mm+/- 1.00mm+/- 1.10mm
>50.0~60.0mm+/- 1.10mm+/- 1.20mm+/- 1.40mm
>60.0~80.0mm+/- 1.40mm+/- 1.50mm+/- 1.70mm
>80.0~100.0mm+/- 1.70mm+/- 1.80mm+/- 1.90mm
>100.0~150.0mm+/- 2.10mm+/- 2.20mm+/- 2.50mm

Thickness Tolerances for Foil


Specified Thickness (T)Tolerance (%)
0.006 ~ 0.009mm+/- 6% T
>0.009 ~ 0.200mm+/- 5% T




Width Tolerances for Foil, Strip and Coil


Specified ThicknessSpecified Width   
0.006~0.200mm+/- 1.0mm+/- 1.0mm+/- 1.0mm+/- 2.0mm+/- 2.0mm
>0.20~0.60mm+ 0.4mm+ 0.6mm+ 1.5mm+ 2.5mm+ 3.0mm
>0.60~1.00mm+ 0.5mm+ 1.0mm+ 1.5mm+ 2.5mm+ 3.0mm
>1.00~2.00mm+ 0.7mm+ 1.2mm+ 2.0mm+ 2.5mm+ 3.0mm
>2.00~4.00mm+ 1.0mm+ 1.5mm+ 2.0mm+ 2.5mm+ 4.0mm




Flatness Tolerances for Sheet and Plate


Specified ThicknessTotal Deviation
Partial Deviation
%(for a chord of at least 300mm) dmax/l
 On Length dmax/LOn Width dmax/W
>0.20~0.50mmBy agreementBy agreementBy agreement
L=Length of the sheet or plate, W=width of the sheet or plate, d=deviation from flatness, l=length of chord




Squareness Tolerances for Sheet and Plate


Specified LengthSpecified ThicknessSquareness tolerances for specified width