Curved or Arc-shaped aluminum  panel building materials because of good performance, beautiful shape, colorful, easy to stain, use a wide range of advantages, such as simple cleaning and maintenance. Curved aluminum  panels not only can be applied to outdoor curtain wall decoration, but also in the interior curtain wall , Indoor ceiling, partition wall, windowsill, counters, billboards and gain a place, as well as decorative art exhibitions.



  • Building Facade Cladding
  • Outside cladding
  • Indoor feature walls and also entries, covers, sign
  • Business identities
  • Column covers



  • Light weight
  • Cost effiective
  • Hansome apperance
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Long life service time




Curved Aluminum plate specifications
Common thickness:1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm,

Customized thickness

Common specifications:600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm, Customized size
main materials:Aluminum veneer structure mainly by the panel,

ribs and angle codes and other components.

Material Aluminum alloy 1100,3003

Surface treatment:fluorocarbon spraying, powder coating,

paint spraying, drawing, roller coating,

Wood transfer,peritoneum.

Color:plate ceiling color is generally white,

can refer to the color card, can also customize

a variety of other colors.

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